Lauter Tuns and Brewing Equipment

What is a Lauter Tun?

Lauter Tuns are a key component of a brewhouse used to recirculate wort over a grain bed in a clarifying process called “vorlauf”. Sugars are rinsed and extracted from the grain during the sparge cycle within the lauter tun. Wort being transferred to the brew kettle is lastly separated from grain, generally using a false bottom filter screen in the lauter tun.

lauter tun

Why Select a PKW Lauter Tun?

PKW Lauter Tun 3D

Portland Kettle Works’ lauter tuns provide the brewer with several key advantages:

  • Field tested by some of America’s leading craft brewers
  • Insulated vessels precisely maintain temperatures
  • Designed to optimize drainage without pulling vacuum or impeding flow
  • Integrated Clean in Place (CIP) systems allow rapid and convenient cleaning
  • Integrated rake-and-plow systems cut through dough balls, lift the grain bed, and increase efficiency

PKW Lauter Tun Specifications

Lauter Tun

PKW Brewhouse Direct Fire (5 to 15 bbl) Spec Sheet (Click to download)

PKW Brewhouse Steam (5 to 30 bbl) Spec Sheet

Portland Kettle Works’ lauter tuns can be delivered as individual units or combined with our mash tuns into a mash tun/lauter tun combination package that will increase your efficiency and reduce your cost.

As with all our brewing equipment, Portland Kettle Works lauter tuns are designed and manufactured to exacting standards:

  • See PKW mash tun/lauter tun combinations for detailed specifications

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