MTUSA Adds Precision Fermentation To Standard Mixing Tank Applications

Mixing Tanks USA has expanded to the manufacture of mixing and storage tanks for precision fermentation as it increases its support for all aspects of the synthetic food production process. Precision fermentation is a sophisticated biochemical process where microbial hosts are cultivated to synthesize more complex organic compounds such as proteins, enzymes, vitamins, pigments, fats and more.

Precision fermentation requires much more accurate and repeatable control of the fermentation process temperature, pressure and duration. The organic compounds produced are used in the manufacture of all types of synthetic meats, seafood, tofu, vegan dairy and other products. Precision fermentation is also used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industrial products.

“Precision fermentation is a highly precise process used to synthesize the building blocks used in the manufacture of synthetic food and other products,” said Thad Fisco, CEO and Founder of Portland Kettle Works, “Our HMI (Human Machine Interface) controls provide the precision and repeatability for process temperature, pressure and duration essential to the accurate process control required and our experience manufacturing thousands of mixing and storage tanks for craft beer and wine production makes it a natural area for us to support manufacturing this important new source of food for the planet.”

Synthetic food is a new and rapidly changing market. Custom precision fermentation design and engineering services are available to meet client requirements. Contact MTUSA to discuss your needs. 

More Information

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