Kombucha Brewing

Mixing Tank USA kombucha breweries have earned a reputation as one of the best performing, efficient and eye-catching breweries to be found anywhere. Our innovative kombucha brewing equipment will shorten your day and save you money while producing batch after batch of excellent Kombucha.

Kombucha Brewing

Kombucha breweries are comprised of three primary pieces of brewing equipment:

  1. Kombucha brewery – The hot side of the kombucha brewery (also called a “brewhouse”) is used to heat water, where black or green tea, infused with sugar, renders the nutritional elements used by scoby to create kombucha. From the kombucha brewery, the resulting sweet tea is cooled to just over room temperature and transferred to the kombucha fermenter.

  2. Kombucha fermenter – The kombucha fermenter is where bacteria and yeast in the scoby use the nutritional content in the tea to create kombucha.

  3. Kombucha finishing tank – In commercial kombucha breweries, a third vessel, the kombucha finishing tank (sometimes called a “brite tank”), is often used to finish the kombucha with a combination of flavorings, secondary fermentation, and carbonation before packaging the finished product.

Click an image below for more information on Portland Kettle Works kombucha brewing equipment:

KB-135 Expandable Compact Kombucha Production System

KB-135 Expandable Compact Kombucha Production System

KB-135 System Upgrades and Accessories

KB-600 High Volume Commercial Kombucha Brewhouse

And if you require custom brewing or storage tanks for your kombucha brewing operation, please give us a call.  We are masters of process engineering, and our highly skilled craftsmen have manufactured stainless steel tanks of all kinds and sizes for multiple industries. Regardless of your needs, you will not find higher quality equipment than the tanks manufactured by Mixing Tanks USA.

And supplying you with the best stainless steel mixing and storage tanks is just the start. We then support your business as it grows and changes. We are your partner for the long haul. So, become a Mixing Tanks USA client and you can experience our industry-leading support and success year after year.

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