Cold Brew Coffee Extraction

When it comes to cold brew coffee extraction, “Total Innovation” is the name of the game. The MTUSA CB-500 Cold Brew Extractor (formerly the “BuzzBomb™”) is the NEW industry standard for cold brew coffee extraction. The CB-500 cuts your ingredient bill by 30%, extracts in 1/8th the time and drives more than 25% additional profit to your bottom line.

Cold Brew Coffee Extraction

The CB-500 cold brew coffee extractor is:

  • Manufactured from heavy duty, high strength hot forged 304 stainless steel sheets
  • Cold rolled and hand welded at our state of the art factory in Portland, Oregon USA
  • Pressure tested and passed by continuous quality control measures
  • Delivered with a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects

The CB-500 is a complete cold brew coffee extraction system that meters brewing water into the proprietary extractor. In 2 hours the concentrated extract, at 6% total dissolved solids and 30% extraction rate, is transferred to the reservoir where it is diluted, nitrogenated, and made ready for packaging in bottles, cans or kegs.  Yield 25 gallon batch at 2% TDS, or 30 gallons of 1.5% TDS of finished cold brew coffee in 4 hours.  Unprecedented! 

Try the CB-500 for a new experience in brewing cold-brewed coffee extraction.

CB-500 Cold Brew Coffee Extractor

CB-500 Cold Brew Coffee Extractor (BuzzBomb)

CB-500 Cold Brew Coffee Extractor Specifications

PKW CB-500 Coffee Extractor (Click to download)

The CB-500 Cold Brew Coffee Extractor is proudly manufactured by Portland Kettle Works in Portland, Oregon USA.

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